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Rivus Batteries strengthens the team with two top-notch new hires


Rivus Batteries, the deep-tech company developing aqueous organic electrolytes for flow batteries to enable cost-effective grid-scale energy storage, recently announced that they have recruited Lisa Åkerlund as Chief Technology Officer and Eduardo Maurina Morais as Research Scientist.

- "We are very happy to welcome Lisa and Eduardo to our team. I've had the pleasure of knowing them both for a few years already, but that didn't stop me from being impressed by what professional powerhouses they both are. We are really happy that Lisa is our new CTO and Eduardo our new Researcher. Welcome to the team, Lisa and Eduardo!" says Cedrik Wiberg, CEO of Rivus Batteries.

Lisa Åkerlund holds a Ph.D. in organic batteries from Uppsala University and has a solid background as a battery expert at a leading company in electric vehicles. Her experience spans project management, where she has defended her thesis in organic batteries and published several scientific articles in highly ranked journals, as well as held several board positions and worked in agile teams.

In addition to this, Lisa has a deep cultural understanding, acquired through work in international organizations and through the implementation of international projects with longer residencies in Malaysia and Spain. Her knowledge of sustainability issues and technical solutions is extensive and includes both a doctoral thesis in chemistry, engineering studies, and studies in environmental science and climate leadership.

"I'm exited to join the Rivus Batteries team and developing sustainable energy storage technology in line with the Paris Agreement", says Lisa Åkerlund.

Eduardo started his career as a chemist back in 2008, getting a bachelor's degree from PUCRS - Brazil and a subsequent master's from UFRGS. During this time, Eduardo started to specialize in the field of ionic liquids, which eventually lead him to pursue a PhD at Anna Martinelli's group at Chalmers. In his thesis entitled "Exploring new protic ionic liquids", Eduardo explored the synthesis and characterization of this class of compounds, with the objective of investigating their viability as new proton conductors for hydrogen fuel cells.

“I look forward to combine my knowledge in organic chemistry and material science with my passion for lab tinkering to advance Rivus' aqueous organic electrolytes for flow batteries.”, says Eduardo Maurina Morais

With Lisa Åkerlund and Eduardo Maurina Morais as part of the team, Rivus Batteries strengthens its commitment to continue driving the company's development forward.

About Rivus Batteries
Rivus develops aqueous organic electrolytes for flow batteries. Instead of filling flow batteries with salts of heavy metals, such as vanadium imported for example from China and Russia, the batteries are filled with organic compounds, water and salts that can be easily synthesized from standard bulk chemicals that are available in near limitless quantities. Rivus was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from Chalmers University of Technology and uses technology that was further developed during research at the University of Turku and the Technical University of Denmark.